EnviroTechnologies has developed pioneering technology in the removal of air pollution.

Our technology is suitable for a wide range of applications with proven results


Superior FGD and particulate scrubbing, also deals with metals such as mercury.

Waste to Energy

Can remove up to 99% of all regulated pollutants.


Future proof your system against new legislation and additional costs.

Land Marine Diesel

Removes SOx and particulate efficiently.


How Can We Help?

EnviroTechnologies has developed and proven advanced single pass emission abatement systems that consistently outperform existing technologies in a wide range of applications.

EnviroTechnologies (ENVI) has protected intellectual property rights for its emission abatement systems. The systems are efficient, cost-effective, flexible and scalable which makes them suitable for new and retrofit applications.

ENVI Clean™

The ENVI-Clean™ system removes sulphur dioxide, particulate matter, greenhouse gases and other hazardous air pollutants from the flue gases produced by the combustion of coal, biomass, municipal solid waste, diesel and other fuels.

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ENVI Pure™

The ENVI-Pure™ system is a refined version of ENVI-Clean™ system which has been designed to remove a broader range of contaminants with very high efficiency. The ENVI-Pure™ system has specific application on the new generation of waste to energy, coal and biomass power plants.

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ENVI-Pure™ cleaning exhaust gas from the waste incinerator at the LondonWaste facility in Edmonton UK.

About Us

EnviroTechnologies Inc provide a significant advancement in performance and cost-effectiveness for the removal of flue gas pollutants.

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“Our mission is to become a world leader in the supply of innovative pollution control systems”

Ken McClelland
EnviroTechnologies CEO